Frequently Asked


The Better Health Partnership is a collaboration of like-minded, healthcare industry professionals with the shared goal of improving population health in Bermuda. Our current alliance includes Island Health Services, the Family Practice Group, Argus, the Bermuda Diabetes Association, Dr. David Cavan from Cavan Health, and UK-based Oviva. These partners are aligned to this goal, and together have launched a pilot Diabetes Rewind Programme, the first of several population health programmes to come.

Population health is a comprehensive approach to wellness that is proven to effectively improve the health outcomes of a population (groups, companies, communities and even entire countries) and improve overall wellness.

Rising medical costs continue to be an issue with the global average medical trend rate far outpacing the average general inflation rate (7.8% vs 2.8% in 2019). In addition, Bermuda typically experiences greater healthcare costs due to our high prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart and kidney disease. With healthcare costs increasing, we recognise that we have a responsibility to help contain or reduce these costs while continuing to focus on improving patient outcomes.

Diabetes has a 13% incidence on island – markedly higher than comparable countries. Left unchecked, the progressively degenerative impact of the disease diminishes quality of life and leads to lifelong use of medication and medical intervention. However, for many the condition is reversible

Diabetes rewind programmes worldwide have demonstrated dramatic improvement both in quality of life and the reduction in cost of care through the removal of medical dependency.

We have developed two very different approaches to support a participant’s specific learning and engagement styles:

1. In person: Created in partnership with the Bermuda Diabetes Association and overseen by Dr. Cavan of Cavan Health, this approach is a longer term, face-to-face group programme positively transforming lifestyle and habit

2. Online: Created in partnership with UK based Oviva, this approach is delivered 100% online with an intensive and tailored Total Diet Replacement programme.

Both programmes are administered by Island Health Services (IHS) and Family Practice Group (FPG) and have proven to improve one’s health and overall wellbeing.

Eligibility is determined after an initial consultation and full health assessment provided by the IHS or FPG physicians.

Yes, if you are an Argus member, your GP can provide a referral by calling 296-9733 or emailing

While the pilot programme is specific to Argus Insureds, it will become available to members of alternative health insurance companies later on.

All Argus Insureds are covered in full (no co-pay) except for participants in the Safeguard, Safeguard Plus and Essential plans.

If you have any questions about the Better Health Partnership or the how to enroll, please email or call 296-9733.